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SinotrukGhana is one of the important dealers of Sinotruk in Ghana.

We promises that the sales profit will never exceed 3%. Sinotruk Ghana supply the most advanced level of trucks and trailers throughout Ghana.

Main Products

Brand New Howo Tractor Truck
High carrying capacity, low failure rate, comfortable cab, and simple service and maintenance are the advantages of this brand new howo truck price in Ghana.
Howo 430 Truck Head 6x4
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Howo 400hp Head Truck Tractor 6x4
Sinotruk Howo can provide different truck tractor, head truck, truck and tractor, sinotruk howo price, sinotruk howo, sinotruk ghana, howo 6x4 tractor, howo 400 for Ghana customers.
Sino Howo 400 Dump Truck
The Howo 400 dump truck is known for its large carrying capacity, the howo dump truck is built with sturdy materials and has a robust construction, making it suitable for heavy-duty operations and tough terrains.
Foton Tractor Head GTL
Foton tractor head is known for their superior traction and stability. The Foton trailer truck is built with a powerful engine that provides high torque and horsepower to efficiently pull heavy loads.
Shacman H3000 380 Tractor
Shacman h3000 truck tractor head is a high-end heavy-duty truck product with many advantages such as high efficiency, reliability, fuel saving, beauty and comfort.
Shacman Truck X3000 4x2
The Shacman truck x3000 is capable of towing significant loads due to its robust design and powertrain. Welcome to contact us to get Shacman price list!
Shacman F3000 6x4 Tractor Truck
A lot of innovative technologies are used during the research and development of the Shacman truck for sale in Ghana, which ensures the high reliability of the whole vehicle and reduces the failure rate.

New Products

Tri Axle Flatbed Trailer
The tri axle trailer for sale is one of the most advantageous products in Ghana. 40 ft flatbed trailer for sale near me is mainly used for transporting 20ft 40ft containers or some other cargo.
40 FT Container Skeleton Trailer
40 ft container skeleton trailer for sale in Ghana can transport two 20-foot standard shipping container or carry one 40-foot standard shipping container.
4 Axle Low Loader Trailer
The main beam of 4 axle low loader trailer for sale in Ghana is made of Q460C steel material, which is much stronger than Q345.
42cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer
3 axle dry tanker trailer tank welding uses an advanced electric welder, the weld seam is more sturdy and smooth, and there is no open welding phenomenon, and the service life is longer.
China Truck Tipper Trailer
In civil engineering, end dump trailer often works in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery.
Tri Axle Removable Gooseneck Trailer
Affordable custom lowboy trailer , heavy duty lowboy trailer , lowboy heavy haul trailers for sale at cost price, custom heavy loads transporting plans, solutions and ideas from 2021 best semi trailer manufacturer - TITAN.
Tri Axle Grain Transport Trailer
TITAN VEHICLE is a producer in CHINA for grain transport trailer , tri axle grain trailer , tri axle trailer with boards , side boards trailer for sale.
60000 Liters Diesel Tanker
Diesel fuel tankers for sale can effectively improve transportation efficiency. Reduce transportation costs and save fuel consumption.


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